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LearningBuilder Now Integrates with Nursys

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New API alert! Our robust suite of integrations now includes Nursys nurse license verification.

Designed for specialty nursing certifications that require license verification as a part of their eligibility process, this integration promises to streamline both initial certification and maintenance of certification.

Specialty nursing certifications require valid nursing licenses.

The National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) maintains the Nursys national license and disciplinary database, the primary source equivalent for the license status of all RNs, PN/LVNs, and APRNs issued by NCSBN members. Nursys publishes changes to the status of nurse licenses after they are submitted by the state nursing boards.

To be eligible to pursue a specialty nursing certification, a practitioner must maintain a valid nursing license. When that license needs to be verified, how do you access Nursys to check it? Who performs that all-important function?

Instead of manually performing this lookup and verification process, what if your system could make it happen automatically?

That’s what our new integration makes possible.

LearningBuilder’s new Nursys integration automates RN license verifications.

How does this integration remove RN license validations from manual audit?

Designed for high-volume data synchronization, this integration uses an applicant’s birth year and last four digits of their SSN (or what we call PII data) to verify the existence of their licenses in Nursys. License statuses are automatically returned from Nursys to LearningBuilder in a nightly (overnight) process, and can then be stored within the LearningBuilder system.

In addition to this basic implementation, we can take it a step further: Our powerful Workflow Editor makes it possible for LearningBuilder to perform additional actions on applications — like automatically rejecting all applications without a valid RN license — based on data returned from Nursys.

LearningBuilder: Taking the manual audit out of RN license verification.

So, tell your staff they can delete the Nursys database from their bookmarks bar: With the LearningBuilder Nursys integration, what was once an arduous and exacting process is now taken care of by your system. Hear that? It’s the sound of thousands of keystrokes saved. It’s the sound of application deadline season, streamlined.

Could your certification program benefit from automated RN license verification? Schedule a call with us and we’ll explore if LearningBuilder is a fit for your program needs.

If your specialty certification requires a different kind of professional license, and you also check those licenses against a database similar to Nursys for verification, let’s talk.

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