LearningBuilder Academy

The annual LearningBuilder Academy user group is an in-person opportunity for education, connection, and relationship-building.

You’ll leave with a better understanding of the platform, and we’ll leave with a better understanding of your needs.

We want to show you what’s new: The product team will demonstrate our latest feature releases and preview our upcoming product roadmap.

We also want to hear what’s working, and what could be working better: Your feedback is immensely influential on LearningBuilder development.

Our next edition of the Academy will feature roundtables, presentations, and one-on-ones, and is anticipated to take place in early 2024. The exact timing is dependent on our impending office move. Stay tuned for further details. We hope you can join us!

In addition to the annual LearningBuilder Academy, we also host periodic webinars and specialized product training.

LearningBuilder 101

Are you a novice LearningBuilder program administrator?

LearningBuilder 101 is designed to introduce you to basic system concepts and equip you to make text-based changes to your platform.

After this training course, our goals are for you to:

  • Understand an Applicant’s experience of an Application

  • Be able to describe key LearningBuilder terminology

  • Access Applications and Member records

  • Make “safe” changes to Applications and Workflows

In this hands-on LearningBuilder training, you can safely explore the system and learn how to make small, language-based changes without submitting a support ticket!

LearningBuilder 201

LearningBuilder 201 shifts the focus from changing how a learning plan appears to changing how it works. It’s a more advanced session for those who are ready to take ownership over more aspects of their LearningBuilder configuration.

During this training, you will learn:

  • How to add a Workflow Step to an existing Workflow

  • How to refine your Workflow steps

  • How to manage Workflow Display Attributes

Advance your LearningBuilder knowledge and learn how to change your processes!

Stay tuned for more details about our next LearningBuilder Academy!