Workforce Development

Invest in your community’s professional growth: Use LearningBuilder to streamline your organization’s workforce development.

Our tools can help you build and maintain a professional advantage.

To truly drive people-powered success in your industry means knowing that talent management can’t just be for recruiting anymore. After all, why spend your resources seeking out what you could create instead? It pays to cultivate the career pathways that are crucial to the future of your profession.

To successfully recruit, train, and retain your workforce, you’ll need software that acts as infrastructure for professional growth. You’ll need to define career competency frameworks, steer your workforce toward the most aligned opportunities, and provide the educational resources to achieve success.

LearningBuilder is a state-of-the-art platform designed to promote workforce development and lifelong learning. We’re ready to stand alone as your complete learning management system or help optimize your existing LMS content.

With LearningBuilder’s workforce development tools, it’s easy to:

  • Establish competency frameworks for key roles in your organization or industry.

  • Provide learners with relevant training content that promotes professional growth within those frameworks.

  • Develop assessment tools for learners to measure their competencies and growth within those frameworks.

  • Create individualized training plans for each learner’s professional development needs.

  • Designate training managers to play a role in assigning coursework.

And that’s not all:

  • Illuminate coherent career pathways, helping learners find focus for their professional growth.
  • Use reflective practice to help learners find content aligned to specific competencies (and compare content across competencies).
  • Get a clear bird’s-eye view of how thoroughly your organizational competencies are covered, with reporting based on learner results.

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