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We’re the team behind LearningBuilder. We are experts in certification, licensure, and accreditation processes AND technology.

As your technology partner, we help you make the most of your software investment. We will help you organize complex requirements into a streamlined candidate application. Perhaps you need to simplify the recertification and renewal process by incorporating continuing education management. Or you seek to increase your constituent engagement through automated communications and reminders. Or you need enhanced visibility into your program metrics with easy to access and build reports.

Our Team

LearningBuilder is built for credentialing organizations. When you implement with us, you’re reaping the benefits of our 20 years in the credentialing industry learning directly from the source — our customers.

  • Fast implementation times and consistent delivery

  • Flexible systems that evolve alongside and ahead of the needs of your organization and programs

  • Intuitive user interfaces that make self-guided completion a snap

  • Smart communications timely reminders, data validation, and in application feedback.

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LearningBuilder is the industry’s most trusted certification management software.

We handle both complex eligilibty paths and simple exam registration.

We integrate with the major test delivery platforms.

And, we are known for robust recertification tools, even continuing education management!


Accreditation is complex. With LearningBuilder, you have an accreditation management software solution that guides your applicants and reviewers through what is expected of them, standard by standard.

The application and review is easier and more transparent — for all of your stakeholders.


Qualifying for a professional or occupational license should be hard, completing the application should be easy.

Streamline your back office operations with LearningBuilder’s licensing management software solutions. A single platform for applications, renewals, CE management and complaints and investigations.


As your organization develops competencies for each role, LearningBuilder can organize learner progress within your defined competency model.

Bring together assessment data, learning activities and professional goals so that your workforce can build career paths within your organization.