Employer Voucher Programs

Remove financial barriers to certification and maintenance. Discover new opportunities for revenue while broadening your influence on a key stakeholder: employers.

Offer employers bulk purchasing, waivers, and discount options for their employees.
Track their use without the need for complex individual reimbursements.

Employers know there can be many benefits to a certified workforce, including higher professional rankings and reputation. But what if paying the associated application fees, testing costs, and membership dues becomes a speedbump on the path of professional development? By implementing an employer voucher program, certification boards incentivize employers to cover these costs on behalf of their employees, enriching the certification ecosystem for everyone’s benefit.

Organizations, councils, and boards use LearningBuilder’s employer discount voucher program to:

  • Collect payments in bulk from employers, who in return receive payment voucher codes for their employees to pursue certification.
  • Offer bulk discounts, incentivizing employers to pay on behalf of their employees.
  • Implement a membership discount or fee waiver.

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