"I didn’t forget, you were supposed to tell me!"

In today’s world, people expect to be reminded of due dates.

With LearningBuilder, you establish your plan, configure the messages in the system, and let the system do the work.

  • Easily create due date reminders, submission confirmations, and payment receipts.
  • Personalize your communications with the person’s name and the purpose of the communication.
  • Send out communications based on key dates or application status.
  • Deliver by email, and in Fall of 2020, text message.
  • Log all communications to the person’s profile in the system.

We will work with you to identify the communication touch points in your credentialing process. As you craft your messages, we will train you on how personalize the message template with substitution variables. With these tools in place, your focus shifts from tactical to strategic communications.

Engaging your community is hard work, especially when it is manual.

Let LearningBuilder do it for you!

Explore some of LearningBuilder’s features:

Portfolio Review
Reflective Practice
Dashboard Analytics
Certificate Printing