Automated Communications

Establish your plan, configure your messaging, and then let LearningBuilder do the work.

Automated communications streamline your business: You plan, we send!

“I didn’t forget, you were supposed to tell me!”

In today’s world, people expect to be reminded of due dates. But staying on top of all the notifications, reminders, and other necessary messaging can be hard work — especially without a digital system.

With LearningBuilder’s email and SMS messaging automation tools, you can move beyond triage and into strategy by planning your communications and then letting the system do the rest.

Our experienced Professional Services team can help take your communications from basic and practical to efficient and tactical.

First, we’ll work with you to identify the communication touch points in your credentialing process.

Then, we’ll help you create an automated messaging workflow that can be easily re-configured to suit your evolving needs.

We’ll even help you customize your message templates!

With LearningBuilder’s automated messaging capabilities, it’s easy to:
  • Schedule and send communications via email or text message.
  • Create rules-based notifications for due date reminders, submission confirmations, and payment receipts.
  • Communicate based on key dates and application status.
  • Personalize messages with recipient names and communication content.
  • Log all communications with under the recipient’s profile in your system for streamlined tracking.

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