Certification Management Software

Meet LearningBuilder: powerful, flexible, and user-friendly certification management software. Your staff will love it, and your candidates will love to use it!

LearningBuilder supports the entire lifecycle of your certification program, from initial applications to recertification.

The Industry’s most trusted certification management software.

Here at Heuristics, we developed the LearningBuilder platform specifically for credentialing organizations. Our expertise and thought leadership within the credentialing industry, combined with our innovative, configurable approach to system implementations, set our software solutions apart.

With LearningBuilder’s advanced features for candidate management, continuing education management, recertification, and competency management, you can streamline and automate your certification processes. Our software offers a high degree of both flexibility and functionality. That allows you and your staff to focus on what you do best: program development and growth!

LearningBuilder was designed to improve certification:

Standard certification processes are built into our platform, which helps accelerate initial implementations.

LearningBuilder makes the application and review process easy and user-friendly.

  • Show the path: LearningBuilder’s intuitive, interactive Certification Dashboard lets applicants check their progress, complete their applications, and update their information without needing to involve program staff or resources.
  • Store the information: With LearningBuilder’s document upload and storage capabilities, there’s no need to maintain a file (or pile).
  • Stay on track: Once your candidates are certified, LearningBuilder opens a recertification application so that you can engage them in the renewal process.

We have powerful, no-code tools that save you time and give you greater insight into program performance.

  • Get a handle on the numbers: LearningBuilder’s enhanced Reporting Module puts the data you need right on your dashboard, so you can maximize its impact.
  • Automate your sends: Plan and set your Email and SMS communications with the confidence that the system is sending those all-important reminders and updates for you.

We add value now, and over time.

  • Make changes: A highly configurable Workflow Editor and Visual Rules Engine make it easy to tailor our system to your unique organizational needs. Updates, changes, and program evolution happen smoothly — no heavy coding needed. Update a label, change a data validation rule, edit instructions, and more…all without needing to engage support.
  • Keep your edge: The Heuristics team stays current with industry and technology trends. We are constantly enhancing and innovating the LearningBuilder platform with an eye toward the future of certification.

For organizations that are already using an AMS/LMS

Already working with a certification software platform? No problem! LearningBuilder can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems and processes, helping you to make the most of what you already have — and then build on it. See our integrations page for more information about our integration capabilities.

For organizations that partner with exam providers

Once a candidate is authorized to test, LearningBuilder integrates with the leading test vendors to make scheduling exams easy. After an exam, LearningBuilder accepts the exam results electronically and either begins the conferral process next steps if passing, or otherwise provides options to re-test.

For organizations who track CE activities

LearningBuilder offers a variety of options, from a basic CE tracking log to tracking specific CE categories with minimums and limits. We can even handle more involved continuing education management, helping you engage educators through approved provider networks and courses.

For organizations considering new programs

If you want more, we can do more: LearningBuilder delivers eLearning and low-stakes assessments, supports portfolio review, and can engage employers with a voucher program. We’re always working to release new features that keep our clients on the leading edge of their organizational goals.

LearningBuilder goes above and beyond the basics of certification management:

LearningBuilder is a highly configurable low-code platform that is 508 compliant, mobile-friendly, and hosted in a FedRAMP certifiable environment.

Annual upgrades keep you current and secure.

Our professional services team is based in the U.S. and only a phone call/email away. We can work with your IT department or serve as your outsourced technology team.

Schedule a LearningBuilder demo to learn more about how we can help you achieve your program goals.