Heuristic Solutions has led both technical and credentialing communities for the past 20 years.

Since we organized in 1996, our work has focused on learning technologies and credentialing.

Our first eLearning platform was developed in 1998 to support several major telecommunications firms. We deployed The Management Learning Guide for Verizon Communications to enable it to achieve the prestigious Baldrige Award for Corporate Excellence. Our first competency assessment tool was developed for the American Society of Health System Pharmacists in 1999.

The first version of LearningBuilder, our flagship product, launched in 2001 as a combined learning management and learning content management system.

Our current iteration of LearningBuilder, introduced in 2009, incorporates powerful workflow management utilities that enable organizations to optimize the entire certification lifecycle. Since then, Heuristics has grown both in employee size and industry stature.

Our staff are frequent speakers and sponsors at events hosted by the Institute for Credentialing Excellence (ICE), the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE), the Council for Licensure, Enforcement, and Regulation (CLEAR), the Association of Test Publishers (ATP), and CodeMash.

Heuristics Leadership Team

Ali Neal
Principal, CEO

Christopher Butcher
Principal, CIO

Seth Petry-Johnson
Director of Product Development

Glen Pfeiffer
Director of Technical Operations

Steve Ross
Senior Solutions Architect

Brian Lytle
Quality Assurance Manager