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LearningBuilder Support: Collaboration Beyond Implementation

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Congratulations! Together, we’ve collaborated to successfully launch your LearningBuilder implementation. Now what?

LearningBuilder Support is one of the ways we define what we call the “LearningBuilder difference.” We’re not just delivering a software system; we’re delivering a team of seasoned and highly experts in technology, problem-solving, and troubleshooting that can help you make the most of your LearningBuilder implementation.

Once you take your LearningBuilder system “live,” you’re far from on your own. After launch, our post-implementation support team is dedicated, educated, and (at most) just a few time zones away. Here is our comprehensive guide to making the most of LearningBuilder Support. If you thought you knew the extent of our wraparound support services, read on: You just might be surprised.

Tier II Support: The Basics

As much as we work to prevent them, system outages, system defects, and performance degradation can happen. Our team discovers and solves many of these system functionality issues before they “reach” our customers. Despite these efforts, you may occasionally experience issues like error messages, system slowness, or a lack of system availability.

When LearningBuilder isn’t behaving the way it should, fear not: That’s what managed service agreements are for. Your software subscription fee includes our response and resolution and dictates the time frame of that resolution.

We classify the urgency and priority of incident reports according to the following categories:

Priority level 1 – Critical: These include problems that have a significant impact on your operations and for which no immediate workaround is available. For example, LearningBuilder is down or unusable, or many or all of your users have no access. We drop everything to resolve these issues.

Priority level 2 – High: These include problems with a moderate impact on operations and a temporary workaround available. For example, a small component is malfunctioning, or some users don’t have access to LearningBuilder. We resolve these issues within 24-48 hours (within our standard support hours).

Priority level 3 – Medium: These include issues with a minor impact on operations for which an acceptable workaround is available, and all users still have LearningBuilder access. For example, a problem that is occurring infrequently. We resolve these in 5-10 business days.

Priority level 4 – Low: This level covers all other support requests, like third-party integration applications and browser compatibility issues.

Consultation Support: Implementation as an Ongoing Conversation

As you put your system to use, a new awareness of your implementation may emerge. Your credentials, processes, and rules may change. You might want to do more in the system or want to do something differently. When that happens, we’re here for you!

We offer what we call Consultation Support if you want to add new things to your system or change it to work differently. Beyond mitigating systems issues, outages, and errors, Consultation Support is for refinements, upgrades, and training. After all, just because our software is low-code doesn’t mean our software support has to be low-touch.

The LearningBuilder Customer Support Portal: Getting to Resolution Faster

Just as we are always fine-tuning and developing our software product, we are always working to improve our LearningBuilder Support process.

The latest and greatest tool in our support toolbox is our LearningBuilder Customer Support Portal. This centralized support ticketing platform is a robust resource for accessing your organization’s complete support request history. It’s the best way to see all of the actions taken on an issue at a glance, and it enhances transparency at every stage of the support process — including billing.

If you’ve been using email to send in support requests and respond to support messages, there’s a better way. You could be saving time by using the Customer Support Portal to streamline your support process. When you create a ticket in the Customer Support Portal, you are prompted to include the crucial information we need to move a ticket forward. This can save several rounds of emailing for further details, which conserves resources to focus on resolution.

Other Support Resources: Maximizing Your Investment

We’re not just here when things go wrong, our when you want to make changes. We also offer an abundance of educational resources. Whether you want to learn about a specific feature, better understand a recent release, or just explore the ins and outs of your implementation, here are some aspects of LearningBuilder Support that may be less familiar to you (but are no less helpful):

LearningBuilder Academy

Our annual user group, LearningBuilder Academy, is an invaluable opportunity to exchange product knowledge and feedback. It is also a great way to see how other organizations use LearningBuilder to manage their processes. After all, no two system implementations are exactly alike, but many share aspects in common.

During LearningBuilder Academy, we provide high-level product and infrastructure updates, lead workshops, and host educational presentations by industry thought leaders. We also offer many opportunities, like interactive customer roundtables and AMAs, to connect and share solutions, challenges, and aspirations with each other and the Heuristics team. Our goal is to provide a chance to ask questions, receive direct guidance, and learn what is possible to create and improve within each organization’s unique configuration of LearningBuilder.


In addition to our annual in-person event, we host regular webinars on product releases and LearningBuilder tools. As luck would have it, we’re hosting a webinar on our LearningBuilder Support process next week! Join us on April 30, or register to receive a recording if you can’t be with us in person. In the meantime, check out our webinars page for access to our past webinars on Impersonation, Enhanced Data Import, Longitudinal Assessments, and more.

Public Documentation

Did you know that we have extensive product documentation available? We designed our “docs” to provide high-level explanations of features and capabilities, explain common conventions or patterns in the system, and provide “recipes” for common problem-solving techniques. They’re great for those tasked with configuring the software and who need to know the limitations of specific features or how to implement common patterns or solutions.

Release Notes

What’s in an upgrade? Stay up to date on the latest product releases, configuration enhancements, and cosmetic tweaks with our LearningBuilder release notes series. Especially if you work in the system, you’ll find tons of helpful information on what’s changed and what that means for you.

Making the Most of the LearningBuilder Support Process

If you’re interested in learning ways to reach faster resolution times with fewer billable support hours, you won’t want to miss our upcoming webinar on April 30 at 11:00 am ET! In this guided walkthrough of the strengths and secrets of our Customer Support Portal, we’ll show you how to get a handle on your organization’s tickets — all of them, not just yours. Plus, you’ll learn how to help us better support you with just a few simple tricks in the ticket creation process. Click here to register; even if you can’t join us live, you’ll receive a recording of the webinar after the event.

If you’re interested in learning more about our approach to support before and after implementation, schedule a call with us.

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