LearningBuilder brings lifelong learning to credential management with state-of-the-art software.

We get it. You’re a credentialing expert, not a technical guru. You’ve got the vision, but need the tools. So whether you’re administering a complex accreditation process, launching a new certification program, managing the maintenance of certification (MOC) process, or ensuring compliance in professional licensing, LearningBuilder approaches it from your point of view to help you and your practitioners achieve success.

LearningBuilder gets you connected, with everything from online candidate applications and renewals to automated communications, workflow queues and integration with your existing systems.

LearningBuilder gets you organized, with clear guidance to measure progress, see the status of particular activities, and determine next steps in your credentialing process.

LearningBuilder works for you

As a technology platform, LearningBuilder’s core architecture is designed to increase the rigor of your credentialing program while easing your administrative chores. It’s flexible, scalable, and can easily change as your needs do.

Because of its focus on continuing competence, LearningBuilder brings more than operational efficiencies to your program; it also brings great effectiveness to your program.

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