Meet LearningBuilder

The industry’s most trusted platform for seamless certification, licensure, accreditation, and candidate management.

Empower your community to achieve their professional goals with highly configurable, low-code solutions that cover all the basics — online applications, automated communications, document storage, CE tracking, and system-to-system integrations — while exceeding all expectations.

Optimize your workflows and future-proof your operations. We evolve alongside your organization’s goals.

LearningBuilder’s suite of features and tools helps programs like yours manage both your core business processes and your key stakeholder relationships. You can do it all within one powerful, flexible system, and without needing to worry about heavy-duty custom coding.


We make it easy for your applicants to register their accounts and navigate within the system.

Workflow Management

Each application process is built on a series of configured workflows. Consider your processes streamlined!


Got fees? LearningBuilder supports all major payment gateways and keeps personal data completely secure.

Application Rules

Each and every credential application is unique. With our visual rules engine, we can support them all.

Learning Plans

Personalized Learning Plans guide your applicant to take the next steps in planning their professional development.


We know how to work with your unique program data, and we make system-to-system integrations a snap.

Activity Tracking

LearningBuilder’s integrated activity tracking supports the engagement of all your stakeholders.

Document Storage

So much better than a shoebox! We designed LearningBuilder for easy upload and storage of documentation.

Automated Communications

With our email and SMS messaging tools, you can communicate effectively more effectively with your constituents.

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