Empower your community to achieve their professional goals.

We have the basics covered: Online applications, document storage, CE tracking, and system-to-system integrations. LearningBuilder exceeds all expectations of a credentialing management platform by offering you the next generation of professional development software.

Expand your influence by broadening your community and enabling them to do more in the system.

Take your program to the next level:

Harness Organizational Stakeholders

Credentialing boards operate in a complex ecosystem that includes credential seekers and holders, employers, education providers, and the public. As a credentialing management system, LearningBuilder harnesses each of these stakeholders, resulting in dramatic increases in the number of applicants.

Deliver Learning Content

With LearningBuilder, you do not need a separate LMS. If you choose, you can curate learning content, review content proposals and align it to domain areas in your test blueprint, and even deliver training to end users. Content can be delivered in any on-line medium.

Computer based test

Assess Your Practitioners

While we leave high stakes testing to the test administrators, we have found many uses for informal, low stakes assessments. Whether as practice exams or as more integral components in formative assessments for continuing competence, LearningBuilder’s Assessment Engine is configurable to meet varying needs.

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