They passed the test. Now what? LearningBuilder integrates recertification best practices into our software so you can engage your practitioners in professional growth, build your community of certificants, and stabilize long-term revenue.

Recertification programs are key to keeping practitioners current with their knowledge and skills, supporting organizational growth, and protecting the value of a credential over time.

Certification programs that stand the test of time all have something in common: knowing that recertification is a major driver of organizational growth and stability.

With so much organizational focus traditionally placed on the development of certification exams, recertification can often take a backseat.

When the time inevitably arrives to address your community’s ongoing competency management, it can often be a challenge to balance the preservation of your program’s rigor with active efforts to increase your credential’s recertification rates.

And that’s where we come in.

Since 2010, LearningBuilder has helped certification programs thrive by making the maintenance of certification as painless for all stakeholders as possible.

From a straightforward “CE log” to more ambitious and variable MOC programs, we can deliver a flexible solution for your organizational needs!

First, of course, come the fundamentals. LearningBuilder makes:

    • Recertification applications

      Ease the renewal process for your practitioners with a user-friendly, checklist-style process. Your program’s requirements may include maintaining a valid license, work history, volunteer commitments, or educational activity. No matter what activities you call for, each section can be uniquely tailored to your program’s needs and completed independently. As tasks are fulfilled, practitioners (or their education providers) can add them to their application.

    • Automated communications

      Keep your practitioners in the loop on key dates and remind them of upcoming deadlines: Use LearningBuilder to draft and schedule email and SMS communications.

    • CE tracking

      Our intuitive interface makes it easy for practitioners to track their CE activity in a CE log. They can either upload proof of attendance themselves or, if you use our approved provider program, your CE providers can do that for them.


We also have more complex back-office tasks covered, with tools to boost the efficiency of your staff’s administrative operations:

    • Cycle management

      Life happens, so LearningBuilder is built to handle grace periods and extended reporting timelines, manage lapsed statuses, and track interim milestones. We’re ready for whatever complexities may arise throughout your certification cycle.

    • Auditing tools

      Simplify the initiation of auditing processes: Randomly select applications for audit and automatically assign them to pre-determined, anonymous reviewers. Whether uploaded directly or collected from a third party, additional documentation requests can be fulfilled entirely within the LearningBuilder platform.

Plus, we help expand your recertification program with tools practitioners can use to identify continuing education opportunities and areas for potential professional development:

    • CE management

      Set the standard for your industry’s CE and expand into new opportunities for revenue, using LearningBuilder to create and curate approved provider programs and course catalogs. LearningBuilder also allows approved CE providers to digitally upload attendance records so that certificants’ eligible CE automatically counts towards their required activities.

    • Low-stakes assessments

      Engage your practitioners and allow them to test their knowledge between and outside of traditional, less-frequent, higher-stakes exams. LearningBuilder’s Assessment Engine builds in ways to offer practitioner feedback on professional development focus areas, and/or the option to “test out” of certain recertification requirements.

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