CE Management Software

Elevate your industry’s continuing education standards, build relationships with CE providers, and diversify your organization’s revenue with an approved educational provider program.

Approved provider programs connect practitioners to your profession’s
most relevant and valuable CE coursework.

Continuing education management stewards the future of your industry. It’s a way to ensure your practitioners stay current and informed, with access to the most up-to-date knowledge and practices. By taking an active role in assessing course quality, you assure the ongoing relevance of your credentials and connect learners to the knowledge they need. Plus, building relationships with CE providers opens new avenues for potential revenue.

LearningBuilder gives you solutions for streamlining processes, measuring progress, and enhancing learner success.

And, as a comprehensive platform, we can meet both your immediate needs and organizational aspirations.

Here’s how LearningBuilder makes CE management easy:

  • Approved provider applications

    Define an application and approval process for your approved provider program. Manage provider lists on a course-by-course basis. Set the bar for your industry CE.

  • Continuing education provider portals

    Streamline relationships between you, your providers, and your learners. LearningBuilder offers a user-friendly approach for your provider network to submit applications for course approval and upload attendance records.

  • Attendance upload

    Save time for your staff and students: Equip your CE providers with the ability to upload attendance activity directly into LearningBuilder so that attendance records no longer need to be submitted by your learners. This value-add offers CE providers a competitive advantage in marketing their program and removes an auditing step for you.

  • Searchable course catalogs

    Curate and maintain a directory of approved provider courses, sortable by domain, method, date, or region. Facilitate no-hassle CE tracking that fits smoothly into learners’ lives.

Plus, LearningBuilder has the capabilities to scale up your program’s impact, with forward-thinking features like:

  • Assessments

    Explore our low-stakes and other longitudinal assessments for evaluating continuing competency. Assessments can be a tool to help certificants identify their priorities in pursuit of professional development. They can also used to measure comprehension and retention after completing a course.

  • eLearning

    Deploy mobile, on-the-go learning content with video hosting integration. Customize learning plans for required, recommended, and/or self-directed education.

  • Reflective practice

    Surface curated learning opportunities tailored for your practitioners’ evolving professional success. Use LearningBuilder’s built-in feedback processes to evaluate their ongoing satisfaction with your approved courses.

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