Assessment Tools

Engage your practitioners, gauge their readiness, test their knowledge, support their success, and help shape their professional path forward.

Use LearningBuilder to seamlessly integrate assessment tools into your existing certification and licensure processes.

Organizations and boards may differ widely, but testing knowledge remains a keystone concept at all stages of a certification or licensure lifecycle.

With LearningBuilder, you can help prepare applicants for your high-stakes exam with practice tests and quizzes. For more involved exams, a certification readiness assessment (CRE) helps determine if they are prepared to sit for the high-stakes exam.

When it comes time for recertification, assessment tools can help your certificants achieve their life-long learning objectives. After passing the high-stakes exam, reflective practice exercises can help keep your practitioners current on industry best practices, focus their professional development efforts, and identify areas for ongoing continuing education. Longitudinal assessments, on the other hand, can replace higher-stakes recertification exams.

With LearningBuilder’s Assessment Engine, you can seamlessly implement any number of these assessments into your program — all within a top-notch, industry-trusted certification and licensure system!

LearningBuilder’s versatile assessment tools make it easy to:

  • Prepare candidates to sit for higher-stakes exams
  • Allow candidates to complete self-assessments to determine areas for professional growth
  • Identify practice areas to study through reflective practice assessments
  • Consider longitudinal assessments as an alternative to a high-stakes recertification exam

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