LearningBuilder Integrations

LearningBuilder makes system-to-system integrations a snap.

No need to send an S-O-S! We’ve got the APIs for your SSOs, ATTs, and more.

Testing. Association Management. Education. Payments. For a certification program to be successful, smooth integrations with many other systems are a must. The LearningBuilder approach to integrations will help you discover new possibilities while maintaining your current processes. In addition to our standard, out-of-the-box integrations, we can also integrate with your unique program data.

Test Administrators

LearningBuilder integrates with all major test administrators, managing Automatic Authorizations to Test, Single Sign On, booking and scheduling, exam results, and retake rules.

Of course, every test and every credential is different. Our Professional Services team has the skills and experience to navigate the complexities of every exam and produce an optimal solution. No matter what your process is like, transmitting eligibility records and exam scores manually is a thing of the past with LearningBuilder.

Not using one of the major exam players? Our Professional Services team can help reduce your workload with right-sized integrations.

Association Management & Customer Relationship Management Systems

Our AMS/CRM integrations ensure that no data is entered manually and nobody has to manage multiple logins.

Using a Single Sign On integration, program participants log in to LearningBuilder using their AMS credentials. We also offer Demographic Synchronization and Process Synchronization. You’ll retain all the important information about your members and their status and progress.

Because each program is unique, our Professional Services team will work with you to understand your candidate journeys and how candidate information needs to flow between systems. We will ensure LearningBuilder integrates with your existing system at the right points with the right information.

Education Content Providers

We deliver LearningBuilder as part of an integrated recertification ecosystem. The platform supports a direct data exchange with your approved provider network, so you can approve providers and courses and your providers can upload and sync attendance records. Our Professional Services team collaborates with you to construct a model that removes the administrative work between systems.

Payment Gateways

LearningBuilder provides a seamless checkout experience that integrates with several PCI-compliant payment gateways. We understand that paying application and examination fees should be as easy as possible!

In addition to PCI-compliant credit card payments, we also offer automated refunds issued by your staff in LearningBuilder and credited through the payment gateway.

The mechanics of payments and refunds are important, but calculating the correct amount is even more important. LearningBuilder calculates all fees upfront, so there is no guesswork and no surprises. Needless to say (but we’ll say it anyway), we keep all personal data completely secure.

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