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The Year in Review: LearningBuilder in 2023

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As the end of the year draws near and we turn towards future projects, we wanted to take a moment and look back on the past 12 months of LearningBuilder development. While we made a lot of updates to the platform this year, upon reflection, a few stood out as the real “game-changers.”

Here’s what made the 2023 highlight reel:

Enhanced Customer Support Tools


Our new Impersonate feature lets your organizational administrators log in as end users, “see what they see,” and take actions (including making payments) on their behalf. As you might imagine, this has the potential to seriously supercharge the support experience — and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Watch our recent webinar on the Impersonate feature to learn more.

Expanded Options for Login and Accounts

This year, a theme emerged: Adding to LearningBuilder’s login and account options repertoire. These changes save organizations energy and time with tools to streamline collaboration, support, training, and other program functions.

Account Switching

We built this feature for staff members who work on applications for credentials (like accreditations) awarded to facilities or companies rather than individuals. These staff members will not only have their own individual accounts, but they can now also “Account Switch” into their organization’s account to take action on behalf of that organization.

After logging in, these users can then select their organization’s account from a drop-down menu, and once they have “Account Switched,” they’ll be able to do anything the organization can. To properly track who has worked on what in an organization’s application, actions taken by a user on behalf of that organization will be logged as attributed to that individual.

Account Recovery

It’s inevitable: At some point, an end user will lose access to the email they used to register their LearningBuilder account. But what if they need to recover their account password?

Now, account recovery is possible without sending a reset link to that email address, using at least two pieces of personal identifying information (such as SSN and birthday). No administrative support is needed.

Of course, we didn’t want to sacrifice security for the sake of convenience, so upon successful recovery, a user will be required to change their email and password. After three unsuccessful recovery attempts, they will be locked out of the option.

Improvements to APIs and 3rd-party Integrations:

Another major theme of the year was getting data in and out of LearningBuilder. Hence, a focus on improving APIs and 3rd-party integrations for exam partners, AMS or CMS platforms, and more.

Standards-based Protocols for Single Sign-on (SSO)

Standards-based SSO reduces the time, energy, and resources needed to implement SSO integration. Whether LearningBuilder acts as the system provider or credential provider, SSO is now possible without custom coding. 

Streamlining Authentication

Most certification programs find the need for some form of exam integration, and LearningBuilder currently integrates with exam partners including Pearson VUE, Prometric, PSI ATLAS, Prolydian, and Scantron. In the past year we took steps to increase the security and reusability of authentication credentials to make setting up and making changes to these integrations even easier to accomplish more quickly and safely.

Bonus 2023 Highlight: Doing More with Data Import

Speaking of getting data into LearningBuilder, bulk data upload is a viable workaround for integrations when APIs aren’t available. That’s one of the reasons we’ve been steadily iterating and augmenting LearningBuilder’s data upload capabilities. While it doesn’t technically count as new in 2023, we found the latest version of our Enhanced Data Import Tool worthy of a feature webinar, which we hosted earlier this month. In case you missed it, click here to catch the replay.

Looking Forward to 2024

Thank you for being part of the Heuristics community, and for helping to make us the industry’s trusted name in software for certification, licensure, and accreditation. We’re excited to continue working to make LearningBuilder work even better for you! If you’re looking to make changes in 2024, take the first step here and schedule an exploratory call.

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