Reflective Practice

Support learners to reflect on their skills, assess their KSAs against the current standards of their chosen career path, and engage third-party feedback.

Reflective practice for lifelong learning, professional development, and continuous competence,
brought to you by LearningBuilder.

A reflective practice model emphasizes value, knowledge, and conscientious progress. It focuses professional development on the unique needs of the practitioner, maximizing the impact of learning activities and supporting organized professional growth. That means no more last-minute cramming or costly course redundancies!

After all, continuing competence is about more than just recertification and renewal. It’s also about the pursuit of lifelong learning. It begins with understanding one’s position in the context of professional standards and personal goals. And that’s where LearningBuilder can help.

With LearningBuilder’s reflective practice tools, it’s easy to:

  • Develop a detailed competency model based on exam blueprints, KSAs, and content outlines.
  • Create interactive exercises evaluating learner qualifications in relevant domains of that model.
  • Enable both self-assessments and third-party assessments by peers and supervisors.
  • Automatically recommend professional development activities that address weaknesses or achieve goals, ensuring that your practitioners never stop improving.
  • Allow practitioners to self-report completed activities, or create a network of approved activity providers to report activities on behalf of learners.

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