Flexible Auditing Solutions

LearningBuilder’s flexible auditing solutions help protect your program’s reputation. They also help protect your staff’s time and resources. 

Make audit selections, assign reviewers, and collect the necessary materials — all within LearningBuilder.

Compliance is crucial. Every certification management system, no matter the industry, must be able to conduct audits of both initial and recertification applications. Some organizations audit all submitted applications, and some conduct a random audit on select submissions. Whatever method you use, successful auditing is essential for organizational efficiency.

A well-run, effective, and trustworthy certification audit requires defining rules, selecting candidates, assigning reviewers, collecting documentation, and communicating with stakeholders. LearningBuilder streamlines and consolidates these workflows.

With LearningBuilder’s highly flexible software, you can create a comprehensive audit process configured to your program’s unique needs.

We keep your auditing secure and reliable, so you can focus on program development and growth.

With LearningBuilder’s built-in auditing solutions, it’s easy to:

  • Organize and define an auditing process that maintains rigorous standards and ensures candidate compliance.
  • Select practitioners for random audit and automatically assign pre-determined, anonymous reviewers.
  • Compile supporting documentation, whether uploaded directly by an applicant or submitted via a third party. With LearningBuilder, you can request this documentation from all your applicants or just those being audited. Collect these required materials during the initial application process or after audit selection. The choice is yours!

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