Certificate Printing

Minimize your program’s administrative overhead. Maximize its authenticity. Use LearningBuilder to streamline and automate certificate printing.

Provide paper wall certificates and wallet cards without the hassle of managing a manual print queue.

Even as certification and licensure become increasingly paperless, sometimes a practitioner still needs physical, printed proof of their conferral to hang on the wall or keep in their wallet. Of course, that certificate should also correspond with an easily accessible and up-to-date digital record, as well. With reprint requests, high-volume renewals, name changes, and other complexities bound to arise, shouldn’t your certificate printing management software simplify and automate your staff’s workflow?

With LearningBuilder’s certificate printing management tools, it’s easy to:

  • Streamline the design process for multiple file types, including paper wall certificates and wallet cards, with easy-to-use templates designed for high-quality printing.
  • Provide practitioners with a physical record of their achievement while keeping digital records of all certificates generated for each practitioner, with the ability to view and download PDF versions of all printed documents.
  • Avoid manually managing your printing and reprinting queue (or queues), with a suite of configuration options for print automation and status tracking.

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