Tired of your software projects feeling like a game of telephone?

It’s time to try a better way.

LearningBuilder implementations set you up for success because they don’t function like a traditional software project.

We pride ourselves on our process of collaborative configuration. Instead of our in-depth discussions resulting in extensive documentation, they result in a real, live, functioning system.

Of course, requirements are also captured in written form, so that everyone stays in the loop. Documentation is supporting documentation, not a prerequisite to system configuration.

So, what does a LearningBuilder implementation look like?

Our process allows for extensive flexibility to address the unique needs of each organization.That’s why LearningBuilder has a remarkable track record of being delivered on time and within budget.

LearningBuilder makes the easy parts easy, allowing you to be hands-on in the configuration process.

For the parts that are moderately complex, our team draws from extensive experience and a highly flexible system to guide you to make good decisions.

For the truly complex, we offer you the engineering and consultative skills to deliver even the most challenging requirements.

You will be supported by a team of knowledgeable, engaged individuals who are eager to assist. We offer several tiers of customer support along with extensive resources including documentation, virtual or in-person ad-hoc training, a help site, and an annual LearningBuilder Academy user group.

Your organization will succeed with LearningBuilder because the system was built by and for credentialing professionals just like you.

New versions of LearningBuilder are released approximately every eight weeks. New versions include added features, improvements to existing features, and underlying architectural improvements to performance, security, or usability.

Many new features come about as a result of our extensive investment in internal research and development. We have a well-established process for incorporating customer requests into our product road map. In addition, many customers choose to sponsor new features. Every customer-sponsored innovation is also added to the baseline product, benefiting the entire LearningBuilder community.

How can we help you?

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