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Do You See What I See? Why Impersonate Your Candidates

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Our first goal as a software platform is to make self-service as easy as possible. Yet, the unexpected can happen. Certification, licensure, and accreditation can be complex processes. Despite the best efforts to establish intuitive workflows and explicit requirements, people can still get stuck. When that happens, we want to equip front-line support staff (yours and ours) with the tools they need to smoothly resolve end-user issues. And nothing is as helpful as if your staff can view and address it “as” that user.

In a nutshell, an Impersonation feature does just that: It allows an administrator to see what another user would see and take actions on their behalf. These actions are logged accordingly in your audit records.

When you consider the potential benefits of Impersonation, it’s no surprise that this feature topped the list of customer priorities at a recent edition of our LearningBuilder Academy.

Impersonation Supercharges Your End-User Support Experience

Does your organization provide customer support to practitioners, employers, auditors, accreditors, education providers, or other participants in your professional ecosystem? If so, Impersonation can significantly up-level your customer support experience.

Impersonation allows your staff to take action on behalf of an end-user — that is, a practitioner, an employer, an education provider, or any other role — who may be having an issue with their part of the process.

Not only can your staff understand and answer their questions more clearly, but they can also upload documents, complete steps in the user’s application, and more.

Beyond supporting your support staff, there’s more to this feature than initially meets the eye. Here are some of the other ways an Impersonation feature can make life better — for both your staff and your stakeholders:

Impersonation Streamlines Configuration Testing

Because Impersonation allows an administrator to smoothly and quickly toggle between their view and the view for a specific type of user, this feature can also be helpful for configuration testing.

You can use Impersonation to ensure components are visible or invisible to various users and that the application process proceeds how you intend. As you configure your system, you have the ability to “walk through” actions as different kinds of users and determine whether the user experience makes sense on their end.

Impersonation Supports the Creation of Great Training Content

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Another compelling benefit of this feature, which may not be immediately apparent, involves the creation of training and instruction materials.

With the ability to see workflows and complete actions while impersonating different types of users, this feature allows content creators to capture screenshots of various user experiences and scenarios. These assets are invaluable for how-to guides on everything from certification next steps to portfolio review specifications to helping education providers apply to your approved provider program.

Are you interested in the LearningBuilder Impersonation feature and its implementation? We welcome you to join us on Thursday, August 24, at 2:30 pm Eastern, for a 30-minute product feature webinar and Q&A. Click here to register for free. Even if you can’t attend live, you’ll receive access to the recording.

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