Relevant and valuable: Advance your profession by guiding education providers in providing meaningful coursework.

Many of our customers are responsible for nurturing relevant, quality continuing education (CE) within their profession.

Associations and certification boards use LearningBuilder to curate the best of what their industry has to offer by:

  • Creating measurable standards for CE.
  • Defining an application process which allows the provider to demonstrate how their course adheres to those standards.
  • Providing a review and approval process on a provider or course-by-course basis.
  • Creating a course catalog of approved courses that can be organized by domain, education delivery method, date or region.

For organizations that provide a transcript or manage recertification, go beyond a “CE Log”:

  • Provide practitioners with a dashboard view to track their CE progress and completion.
  • Equip CE providers with the means to report to reduce the administrative burden on both the learners and auditors.
  • Collect learner feedback on completed coursework to ensure that your constituents are satisfied with their experiences.