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Candidate Management – Remote proctoring is intense!

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The certification industry is offering remote proctored testing options, enabling candidates taking exams “anywhere and everywhere.” Are your candidates ready?

At a testing center, taking a high stakes exam may not be easy, but it is a known, predictable situation. The testing center controls the environment: computer, internet access, exam loading, and the people in the room. All the candidate needs to worry about is the test itself.

Not so when the site for the exam is outside the testing center. With the remote proctor option, the candidate has to control all of these factors, and if something goes wrong, their exam is cancelled. Wouldn’t it be nice to know before scheduling for the remote proctor option if it is the right option?

Savvy certification managers are seeking ways to set their candidates up for success. And they are turning to their candidate management system for help.

As a credentialing management software platform, LearningBuilder offers easy to use configuration tools to help you shape the candidate experience. With LearningBuilder, after an applicant is determined eligible to test, you can create a remote proctoring eligibility checklist as a part of the exam selection process. This checklist guides candidate through confirming that they have the right environment available to them before they sign up. No surprises.

And with LearningBuilder, this is a relatively straightforward configuration task you can add to your exam registration process.

Once again, LearningBuilder earns its keep, making it easy for you to adapt to new situations.

At the 2020 ICE Exchange, Heuristics’ principal Christopher Butcher gave a short demonstration on how to LearningBuilder’s configurability. Let’s help candidates determine if remote proctoring is the right for them!

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