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Certification Systems: No Code Software Provides Advantages Over Custom Software

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“No code” software is one of the latest disruptors in the software industry, promising non-programmers the tools to build online applications. No code (and low-code) platforms accelerate the development process and move it out of the traditional IT space. Given how much custom software development certification boards often invest in their systems, the promise of a certification system with no code software has a certain appeal.

Smaller, single-use “apps” have gotten a fair amount of press. Unfortunately, for certification organizations, these tools are just not robust enough to be relevant.

At the heart of any certification organization are certification operations, the business processes that are the lifeblood of the organization. Initial applications and recertifications are the core competencies, and then there are all of the minor processes to develop like: 

  • An audit process 
  • An accommodations process
  • An exam retake process 
  • A reinstatement process

For a Certification System, No Code Software Has to Do the Fundamentals Well

  • Drag and Drop Configuration: Drag and drop configurations allow even non-technical people to build forms, set up workflows, and update the software as needed.
  • Pre-Set Integrations: Pre-set integrations with the most common test administrators and payment gateways are essential to use certification management systems to their fullest potential.
  • Editable Instructions and Guidance: The organization should be able to use its own branded language and preferred terminology when establishing notifications, submission confirmations, instructions, reminders, and all other communications.
  • Self-Service Report Design: Every board has its own benchmarks of success and internal review needs. The certification management system should offer the ability to configure reports based on the data the software collects.

The more robust no code software is built on a business process mapping (BPM) platform. These powerful platforms still require an extensive investment of time to define the business processes, configure the processes, and test the processes. The savings is that the business is not waiting on engineering.

What if There Were a No Code Software Solution Built for Certification?

This solution would provide:

  • Standard certification BPM templates that an organization could review and modify.
  • Preset certification workflows that cover basic application processes and some more complex ones, like multiple eligibility paths and work history verification. These applications can be tailored to the unique language of the organization.
  • Standard integrations with the major testing administrators like PSI, Pearson, Prometric, and Scantron.
  • Standard payment gateway integrations to PayPal or and configuration options for member discounts, late fees, manual checks, and employer payments.
  • Process automations for communications like database reminders, activity confirmation, and notices.

We built LearningBuilder so that certification organizations could stand up a program without custom software development. If the promise of a certification system with no code software has sparked your interest, we encourage you to check out LearningBuilder.

Getting Started with Heuristic Solutions

Heuristics Solutions provides a configurable certification system with no code software for certification boards. We give you the tools to design and manage your credentialing processes end to end. If you are considering upgrading your certification management software, consider a system built for an organization like yours. To learn more, connect with us on our contact page or schedule a meeting with one of our expert team members.

Heuristic Solutions is a leader in software and technology for certification, licensure, and accreditation. Partner with us today, and we’ll modernize your system to better serve your organization.


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