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5 Things We Learned at the 2019 LearningBuilder Academy

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April 2019 saw Heuristic Solutions’ largest LearningBuilder user group conference yet.

New and experienced users alike met with Heuristics executives, analysts and developers to discuss how LearningBuilder is helping them streamline their credentialing processes. They also learned more about the platform’s capabilities and provided input on the product roadmap. 

Oh, and some fun was had as well.


#1. Split-track Sessions are the Way to Go

For the first time, LearningBuilder Academy attendees had the opportunity to choose session tracks based upon their level of platform expertise. This came after Heuristics staff recognized the need to provide tailored content to new and experienced users alike.

Content on building out reports within LearningBuilder remained in-demand across the board, and was offered both in 101-style for beginner users and in greater depth for attendees with more technical experience.

Several keynote tracks brought attendees back together for areas of shared interest, including the LearningBuilder product roadmap and a discussion about hot-button topics in the credentialing industry. Feedback on the new conference layout was overwhelmingly positive, and we look forward to continuing to allow participants to tailor their conference experience to their skill levels.

#2. Roundtables Were a Serious Value-Add

Attendees and Heuristics staff sat down for face-to-face discussions in a group setting to reflect on how the product could be improved. Some of these topics discussed included: customer service documentation, support processes, client customer relationship management, user experience, digital badging, and reporting.

Collaborating with LearningBuilder users about their experiences and wishes for the product roadmap was enlightening and refreshing for members of the product development team who spend the majority of their time “behind-the-scenes.” The roundtable sessions spawned new ideas and even altered plans for future releases to fill gaps identified during this session!

#3. One-on-Ones Are Important, Too

In addition to the face-to-face roundtable discussions, the Genius Bar was staffed with LearningBuilder Analysts and Developers who had the opportunity to meet with clients on a more personal level. This allowed for more in-depth discussions on case-by-case needs of individual clients.

2019 was the first LearningBuilder Academy with a Genius Bar setup, which proved especially helpful as attendees sought insight on applying concepts discussed in general sessions. It was a great opportunity for clients to ask program-specific questions, and for Heuristics staff to learn more about unique program rules and requirements.

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#4. Headshots Are a Hit

LearningBuilder Academy attendees experienced the red-carpet treatment at this year’s event and loved every second of it. Photographer Will Reintzell was on site to provide complimentary professional headshots, including makeup touch-ups by artist Dina Saddat!

Photos were distributed to attendees shortly after LearningBuilder Academy. Many staff and clients have already updated their Linkedin profiles with their new professional headshots!

#5. Networking is Key

Come for the sessions, stay for the people! The credentialing community is made up of many unique and wonderful individuals, and the only way to get to know them all is to network.

Attendees had a blast mingling at the Community Networking Reception with other credentialing professionals from all industries, including licensing, accreditation, certification, and continuing education management.

The reception was a well-deserved break from “work-talk,” allowing staff and clients to get to know one another on a more casual level. There was food, drinks, good company, and even some juggling!


The Heuristics team looks forward to meeting our clients each year at the LearningBuilder Academy. In fact, we’re already planning for next year! 

Click here to sign up for email updates regarding our 2020 LearningBuilder Academy – we hope to see you there!

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