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Your Brand Meets Our UX Design: What’s Possible in LearningBuilder?

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In the search for the right candidate management system or certification management software, organizations rightfully tend to focus on how a solution works.

But…what about how it looks?

Brand consistency across platforms is a way to create a top-notch end-user experience. It’s also critical to have intuitive, engaging visuals and text that inform and guide user actions. At Heuristics, we pride ourselves on the highly effective and refined UX design of our LearningBuilder software. LearningBuilder’s deeply developed language of visual and text-based cues help all stakeholders in your credentialing ecosystem navigate even the most complex credentialing processes.

With that in mind, what do we do to make your users feel that they are still a part of your branded world? In other words, when your brand meets LearningBuilder’s end-user experience, what are your options?

Level One: Your Logo and Login Page

Your logo is a major key to establishing and maintaining brand visibility. That’s why the standard LearningBuilder implementation always includes your organization’s logo in the top left corner of your site. We can also offer guidelines for getting us the best possible logo file to make sure it looks crisp and pristine.

We know that first impressions matter, so you can also customize the text and image for your LearningBuilder “lobby area,” also known as your login page. Use a photo or graphic, plus welcoming and instructional words, to set the stage for your candidate journey.

Level Two: Navigating Color Changes

Beyond the logo and the login page, there may be times that you want to change more about the LearningBuilder “look.” For example, LearningBuilder’s existing UX colors might clash with your current brand palette. What then?

The changes we make beyond the logo and login page are written in a style sheet that lives in your configuration area, not the core system. Every new system upgrade or application will require the style sheet to be part of the testing process. Fear not: Our team can work with you to determine what’s possible at what level of difficulty, and how it will effect usability.

For example, LearningBuilder has three levels of navigation, and each has elements that can be styled, like background and link text colors. In some of these navigation menus, we can also update the hover color.

Level Three: Styling Beyond the Basics

Do you know you want to take the leap and invest in a more heavily customized UX? Here is a quick rundown of what else we can change using configuration-specific style sheet:

  • Fonts: We can change fonts globally to other Google fonts.
  • Links: We can change the text color, the underline color, and the font weight of your hyperlinks throughout the system.
  • Modals: In these pop-up windows and overlay panes, we can make changes to the top header.

A quick note on the “hard limits” of UX Design

As for buttons, our button colors (red, orange, blue, and green) each have a specific meaning in the system. This color scheme is essential to the integrity of the UX and therefore cannot be changed. In some cases, we can tweak the colors to better fit with a given theme (like making buttons a different shade of the same color). Keep in mind that these adjustments will require additional coding and quality assurance testing.

Certificates, Wallet Cards, and Digital Badges: More Options for Alignment

While UX is the topic at hand, we wanted to take a moment to note some other design opportunities, especially at the conferral stage. When certificants or licensees display your credentials, does the public instantly know you issued them?

LearningBuilder can help you manage a digital print queue for both wall-mounted credentials and wallet cards, with easy-to-use templates designed for high-quality printing. In fact, we can help you insert your logo and branding onto all of your printed documents, including receipts. If you decide to go paperless, we can also help you dial in the design template of your PDF credentials.

If digital credentialing is a part of you program (or you’d like it to be), then we have good news: LearningBuilder now integrates with the Credly Acclaim digital badging platform! You create your badge templates according to your specifications, and LearningBuilder issues and updates them as part of your larger credentialing workflow. As recipients share their badges on LinkedIn and other platforms, your brand awareness and visibility grows.

LearningBuilder: A Certification Management Software Solution to Fit Your Needs

At Heuristics, we deliver software shaped by our extensive experience in the credentialing industry. Our expertise is at your service. No matter the size of your organization, the number of credentials you offer, or your goals for the future, our professional services team is ready to inform and inspire you about what’s possible. Ready to explore your options? Schedule a call with us to learn more.

Heuristic Solutions is a leader in software and technology for certification, licensure, and accreditation. Partner with us today, and we’ll modernize your system to better serve your organization.


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