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How LearningBuilder Delivers on the Promise of a Quality Assurance Program

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One of the hallmarks of Canadian professional regulatory organizations is an emphasis on professional quality assurance programs. These programs offer the tools for professionals to reflect on their practice in the context of improving provider outcomes, especially within the healthcare professions.

Many U.S.-based certification organizations and regulated professions with a focus on continuous competence are now taking a page from the Canadian quality assurance program playbook for their approach.

A quality assurance program typically consists of three main elements:

  • Tools, also known as reflective practice exercises, for practitioners to reflect on their work (or practice) in the context of existing standards

  • Professional development resources to pursue based on the areas of interest or need identified by those exercises

  • Structures to help identify objectives and learning activities in an intentional — yet timely — manner.

As a licensing management software platform, LearningBuilder offers all of these elements. Using these building blocks, you can easily configure your quality assurance program or recertification requirements within our system.

Reflective Practice Exercises

How should I focus my professional development resources?

With LearningBuilder’s reflective practice exercises, you can help your certificants answer this question for themselves, determining their professional position within the context of your credential.

Your organization can develop different means for practitioners to assess their current knowledge, skills and interests within your credential’s competency model. These assessments may include self-assessment, knowledge-based assessment, third-party assessment, or some combination thereof. Once you have gathered this feedback, it can be presented to practitioners in a way that inspires specific actions specific to their profession.

Curated Professional Development Activities

What should I do to advance my skills?

Guiding your practitioners to relevant and high-quality learning activities is crucial for supporting the pursuit of improvement in their practice.

Using LearningBuilder, you can align courses to your competency framework or accommodate other continuing education activities like conference attendance or directed journal readings. LearningBuilder also supports creating an approved provider program for enhanced CE management, which engages education providers within your ecosystem and opens new channels for potential program revenue.

Learning Plans

How do I keep track of my professional development activities and goals?

As practitioners identify the learning activities that align with their professional development goals, they can use their individualized Learning Plan to evaluate their progress within the system and, simply put, plan their learning. Instead of scrambling to fulfill requirements as deadlines loom, they can conscientiously and intentionally select and invest in the opportunities that are most aligned with their Learning Plans. They can also see how past activities, as they track them, fit into a more holistic vision for their continuing competence.

LearningBuilder for Lifelong Learning

We designed LearningBuilder’s assessment engine to make reflective practice for lifelong learning and continuous competence a seamless and user-friendly experience.

LearningBuilder also supports time-based rules, like recertification deadlines and annual Learning Plans.

And with LearningBuilder’s automated communications, it’s easy to keep practitioners in the loop on requirements and due dates and acknowledge and celebrate their progress.

If you are looking for a technical platform and partner for your quality assurance program, LearningBuilder has the bases covered, with plenty of flexibility for your organizational needs. Schedule a free demo today to learn more about LearningBuilder’s quality assurance program capabilities.

If you’ll be at the upcoming CLEAR annual educational conference in Salt Lake City later this month, we’d love to connect and learn more about your program and what you’re looking for in a license management system. Find us at booth #104, and get a free headshot at our photo station while you’re there! 

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