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8 Benefits of Taking Your Credentialing Program Paperless

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In 2020, so much of what we do is entirely online. However, many organizations continue to manage their credentialing processes manually, creating unnecessary administrative burdens. Is there a better way? Yes: LearningBuilder.

Save Time.

Credentialing can require a complex application and review process. There are often many required fields, third-party authentication, transcript submissions, and more. Compiling all of these documents can be daunting and tedious for prospective applicants, and potentially even more so for you, the reviewer!

Putting your application and review process online saves time every step of the way. Using LearningBuilder, applicants can easily view what is required of them and submit all necessary documentation in one centralized place without needing to mail or upload any additional paperwork. They can even quickly request third-party employment verification, which we will build on later.

On the flip side, LearningBuilder simplifies your review process by allowing you to view a cohesive picture of each and every candidate as you review. You have the ability to flag specific portions of the application for further review, or request clarification from the candidate themselves, and move on to the next application without losing your place.

Make Better Use of Staff Resources.
Your staff should be doing what you do best: working to improve employment in your respective fields. You shouldn’t be spending unnecessary effort sorting through incomplete applications or responding to emails and phone calls from candidates regarding next steps.

Online applications and candidate progress tracking puts all of this behind you by giving your candidates the tools they need to guide themselves through their certification journey. They will be able to view exactly what they have completed, what is still required prior to submission, and how far along they are in the application or renewal process. Once test scores or third-party documents are received, it will automatically notify the candidate in their portal. All of this can be applied to an automatic random auditing process as well. Forget worrying about your hundreds of unread emails or confused phone calls – give your constituents a clear picture of where they are in relation to where they’d like to be.

Easily Manage Third Party Reviews.
Does your credential require third parties to verify experience or vouch for particular skills and accomplishments? LearningBuilder streamlines this by automating this process entirely. Candidates can submit a summary of their skills or experience and enter the information of the third party whose feedback is required. The system automatically sends a request for verification and can notify both the reviewer and the candidate upon completion. It’s time to put an end to the never-ending game of telephone.

Another benefit to managing your credentialing process within LearningBuilder is the opportunity to integrate with the other systems that you have in place, be it a CRM, AMS, test administrator, payment gateway, or LMS. Having your systems “talk” to one another ensures that your data is consistently updated across all platforms, and makes the journey to accreditation or certification cohesive and convenient. Have testing eligibility automatically communicated to your vendors, and score reports easily uploaded into your CMS, so your practitioners have a one-stop-shop for everything pertaining to your credential.

Online Progress Tracking

“I’ve done X, Y, and Z. What else do I need to do?”

Allowing your practitioners to easily track their progress means empowering them to work at their pace and own their achievements. This doesn’t have to end with an application progress bar. Throughout the renewal process, give candidates the ability to see exactly what is required in terms of continuing education, and how close or far they are to achieving various milestones based on your requirements.

Automated Notifications

Automating your processes makes it easy to keep in constant communication with your applicants every step of the way. Use the platform to manage your communications – whether it be deadline reminders, program information, or simple confirmation messages. Remind certificants of important upcoming dates, or prompt applicants with incomplete documentation to finish the process – all without lifting a finger.

Open the door to new possibilities

A system with more capabilities means having a program with more possibilities. LearningBuilder opens the door to the expansion of your program in ways that were not previously possible. Use a credentialing platform to offer approved continuing education directly within the candidate portal, automatically tracking and reporting attendance and collecting reviews. A CMS with an assessment engine provides even more flexibility, allowing programs to offer low-stakes practice exams or opportunities for reflective practice that help assure continuing competence.

Program Analytics

Perhaps the greatest benefit to managing your data in a CMS is the holistic overview of your program that it can provide. Where are candidates struggling? What are your opportunities for growth? Your dashboard view of program analytics gives you the toolset to make data-driven decisions that grow your program and allow you to expand your organization’s reach.


In 2020, maintaining a paper-based credentialing process has simply proven tedious and inefficient. The days of paper and PDF applications are behind us if a board’s true interest lies in advancing their profession. Consider investing in lasting technology before expanding your staff footprint. The result is a vastly improved administrator and candidate experience. If you haven’t already considered moving to a CMS, now is the time to begin evaluating your options.

LearningBuilder is a state-of-the-art credentialing management software that is currently leading the certification, accreditation, licensing and continuing education industries.




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