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LearningBuilder 11.9: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 11.9 – May 2024

This “innovation line” maintenance release includes all commits from long-term releases 11.0.32-11.0.36.

Major Features:

  • In case you missed it, LearningBuilder now integrates with Nursys! That’s right: We’re taking manual license verification out of specialty nursing certification.
  • In other exciting news, LearningBuilder now also integrates with the Credly Acclaim digital badging platform, allowing LearningBuilder to issue and update digital badges. This is a great way to acknowledge achievements and conferrals in a shareable, LinkedIn-friendly way that also helps to raise awareness around your credential program offerings.
  • Now, using Amazon’s Simple Storage Service (S3), your file uploads can be larger than ever before. Think gigabytes. Large File Uploads functionality is currently in Beta, and will also support other exciting forthcoming features, so stay tuned!


Configuration Features:

  • Our System Insights feature is also now in Beta, helping our intrepid Implementation Analysts better differentiate configuration errors from system defects for faster resolution times and more configuration transparency.
  • We’ve made some enhancements to Account Switching within LearningBuilder’s Multi-Tenancy (Multi-Board Interface) feature: Administrators can now configure Account Switching restrictions on individual and organizational Roles for each Tenant, applied at login.
  • Using Comparison Rules, the system can now auto-start Learning Plans when certain conditions are met.
  • Speaking of Learning Plans, configuration just got even more streamlined: Administrators can now bulk create and add multiple Task Groups and Pre-Added Activity Tasks to a Learning Plan simultaneously.

Usability Improvements:

  • We heard your requests at LearningBuilder Academy 2024, and in response, we’ve added a new stored procedure to copy Attribute values (like membership status) from one Member Role to another (say, for a user with multiple credentials). We appreciate your feedback!
  • For increased transparency, the Workflow Log now tracks manual changes to Cycle and Reporting Dates, as well as manual changes to Role Status.
  • We’ve resolved a performance issue affecting the Learning Plan and Pathways pages under certain data conditions.
  • We’ve also toggled the Behavior Events in the Audit View configuration setting to On By Default. If you don’t want Behavior Events in your Audit View, you can easily toggle them off again.
  • The Entity View “View Type” is now sortable by Feature (what) or Area (where) in addition to Area → Feature. Entity Views (or the “View Details” panes) allow system administrators to control which data fields are visible in various parts of the system. This small tweak helps surface Feature options without needing to scroll through all Area options first.
  • We’ve updated Elastic Search so that Searching auto-sorts by the first dropdown option.


    • We’ve updated our Vimeo integration to support Vimeo’s new security restrictions for unlisted videos.
    • We’ve also created a reporting view for Pearson Vue Phone and Address validation.

    Bug Fixes

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