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LearningBuilder 11.8: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 11.8 – January 2024

This “innovation line” maintenance release includes all commits from long-term releases 11.0.30 and 11.0.31.

Major Features:

  • Our quest to play increasingly well with others (systems, that is) continues: LearningBuilder now supports OpenID Connect (OIDC) as an SSO Identity Provider. That means that we now support all major identity protocols.


Configuration Features:

  • A new “Behavior Event Browser” on the Workflow Overview now displays a historical Behavior log, streamlining support and troubleshooting.
  • We have a new implementation of the Comparison Rules editor (currently in limited rollout) that shows more information regarding relevant Attributes. This makes it easier to find specific Attributes as well as understand their configuration. Also, Comparison Rules now support a “Contains Text” operator for Picklist Attributes. In some common cases, this will reduce the need for Templates.
  • Certain Workflow scenarios that used to make inefficient use of screen space (such as a series of long questions followed by relatively short picklists), can now be “prettified” by manually adjusting the label and field widths.


    • We’ve continued to improve integrations and integration capabilities, introducing both new APIs and enhanced API Logging.


      • We updated the Workflow Button styling on the Activity Offering Manage page and the Activity Audit Queue.
      • We re-ordered the Quick Actions Menu items on Learning Plan Instances so that the “Edit Cycle/Reporting Dates” option now appears above the “Edit Workflow” option.

      Bug Fixes

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