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LearningBuilder 11.7: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 11.7 – September 2023

This “innovation line” maintenance release includes all commits from long-term releases 11.0.24-11.0.29.

Major Features:

This release includes several features that allow individuals to take actions — including making payments — on behalf of other individuals or organizations.

  • The Impersonate feature allows you to see things as a user would and take actions on their behalf. This has exciting implications for end-user support, configuration testing, and more! For more on this feature, you can view a recording of our recent feature webinar.
  • LearningBuilder now also supports Account Switching. While Impersonate concerns individuals “behaving as” other individuals, Account Switching concerns individuals “behaving as” organizations. Now staff members can work on Learning Plans (Applications) that are owned by their organization, like those for accredited facilities and institutions.

    In addition:

    • We made a major update to our Reporting Module.
    • We implemented Workflow-Only Learning Plans. This UX improvement streamlines non-Application-related tasks (like re-printing a certificate) by removing an unnecessary “submit” step.


      Configuration Features:

      • You may already be aware of the ability to track detailed information about an email message, including whether it has been delivered, blocked, or opened. Now, that information can be hidden through changes to permissions, so that end users who don’t need it won’t see it.
      • Attributes from an Activity and Activity Instance can now be copied onto one or more parent Learning Plan Instances. This allows our implementation analysts to perform more common data transfer tasks without the need for engineering support.
      • Workflow Validation Rules can now be based on multiple conditions. This allows for the configuration of more complex Rules that depend on other Rules (i.e., Rule 1 AND Rule 2) OR (Rule 3 AND Rule 4).
      • We created Linked Attribute Groups as a Configuration Accelerator for when end users may not be able to change demographic data on their own, like in a licensure program.
      • Application Pathways now support Tenant-specific settings for configuration.
      • The Learning Plan details panel can be controlled by an Entity View; this addresses the most common reasons for customizing the details panel and is no longer an obstacle for those clients to use new features.

        Usability Improvements:

        • We made the Admin → Content → Custom Lists Edit Details form both easier for Administrators to notice and “clickable” via keyboard by pressing “Enter.”
        • Demographic Sync now extends to those designated Supervisors, and allows changes to be made upon data upload.
        • We’ve added explanatory notes to the “Hide from Practitioner when” and “Message when Hidden” fields on the Learning Plan Definition, offering more context on what they are and how they work.


          • We improved the layout of the Behavior configurator pop-ups.
          • We also improved the styling of the numbered steps on the “Display Fields” rows.

          Bug Fixes

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