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LearningBuilder 11.6: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 11.6 – April 2023

This “innovation line” maintenance release includes all commits from long-term releases 11.0.11-11.0.23.

Major Features:

  • We now offer the option of Account Recovery. End users without access to the email they used to register their LearningBuilder account can recover it without that email and without requiring administrative assistance, using at least two pieces of personal identifying information (such as SSN and birthday). Upon successful recovery, they will be required to change their email and password. Three unsuccessful recovery attempts will disable the option.
  • LearningBuilder now supports SAML for SSO. Standards-based SSO reduces the energy and resources needed to implement SSO integration — whether LearningBuilder acts as the Service Provider or Identity Provider.
  • System administrators and Providers can now send bulk messaging/communications to Offering Attendees: everyone signed up for a specific course, self-hosted exam sitting, or other designated Offering.
  • Printable Workflow Summary Packets can now be generated without page headers or footers.


Configuration Features:

  • LearningBuilder site users with access to more sensitive data might need to undergo a more rigorous login authentication process than, for example, end-user practitioners. Now, system administrators can require email-based multi-factor authentication for specific Roles to reflect those levels of access.
  • System administrators can now navigate to the Custom List Details page from the Edit Attribute popup for a Picklist Attribute.
  • Non-compatible configurations are now prevented in Task Group Configure Search.
  • You can now configure your system to auto-capitalize profile information entered during registration. This standardizes uppercase formatting to prevent mixed-case entries.

    Usability Improvements:

    • We’ve made a performance improvement to the Task Group Activity Search: Adding an Activity to a Learning Plan is now faster for all of our LearningBuilder clients.
    • System administrators can now edit and delete Profile Notes to make necessary changes or remove unnecessary or unwanted notes in the Profile Note History.
    • The Workflow Import Queue can now use “:UniqueId” as the sole identifier for the data import process.


      • SAML Identity Providers can now trigger Demographic Sync, making it easier to synchronize data with third parties.
      • Also, refunds processed outside LearningBuilder can now be recorded within the system and synchronized with the associated payment gateway.
      • Refunds for payments using AuthNet are also now supported.
      • Good news for those configuring third-party integrations like Prometric or generic API calls: LearningBuilder now allows the “Call External API” behavior to use the new System Templates and API Endpoints. These changes simplify configuration and allow authentication credentials to be separated from end-user-accessible templates, making them more secure for reuse.
      • And, for those with third-party integrations using ISO codes, ISO 3166 codes have now been added to the Country table.


        • We’ve made some cosmetic text changes to Task Group Configure Search.
        • We’ve also fixed text-wrapping issues in the Workflow Payment Attribute Payment Title and the Create New Password page.

        Bug Fixes

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