Release 10.9.0 – September 2021

  • New Major Feature
    The Task Group Activity Search now provides new configuration options, which offer a higher level of control for org admins over the UX of search forms and the way search results are displayed.
  • Enhancements:
    • Access to the Overview screen for Member Roles is now available to admins from the Account Profile page.This allows for much easier Workflow troubleshooting without the need to request advanced technical / IA support resources.For example, from the Overview screen, admins can view a history of workflow actions, see the current workflow status, steps, values, and last action, get a printer-friendly version of summary and detail views of a given Member Role, and more.

      Admins can now access this Overview screen by clicking on the “quick actions” menu: the three dots to the right of a user’s status.

    • And, good news for trees (and ink cartridge budgets): When printing out Learning Plans, users can now choose to print the entire Learning Plan, just the expanded groups, or just the tasks indicated as “planned” or “in process.”

    • Finally, new workflow steps now assign a default CSS class, which makes it easier for admins to define maximum widths for popup windows.
  • Bug Fixes