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LearningBuilder 10.9: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 10.9 – September 2021


New Feature:

  • The Task Group Activity Search now provides new configuration options, which offer a higher level of control over both the UX of search forms and the way search results are displayed.


  • Access to the Overview screen for Member Roles is now available to admins from the Account Profile page.
  • This allows for much easier Workflow troubleshooting without the need to request advanced technical / IA support resources.
  • For example, from the Overview screen, admins can view a history of workflow actions, see the current workflow status, steps, values, and last action, get a printer-friendly version of the summary and detail views of a given Member Role, and more.
  • Admins can now access this Overview screen by clicking on the “quick actions” menu: the three dots to the right of a user’s status.
  • And, good news for trees (and ink cartridge budgets): When printing out Learning Plans, users can now choose to print the entire Learning Plan, just the expanded groups, or just the tasks indicated as “planned” or “in process.”
  • Finally, new workflow steps now assign a default CSS class, which makes it easier to define maximum widths for popup windows.

Bug Fixes

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