Release 10.8.0 – July 2021

  • New Major Feature
    LearningBuilder now offers a Printable Workflow to support the Complaints process.

    The new “Printable Workflow Summary” combines information about a complaint and copies of supporting evidence into a single non-paginated PDF file that can be printed or shared electronically.

    This eliminates the need for legal counsel to access to LearningBuilder, and supports boardroom scenarios where live access to the Internet is not available.

  • Cosmetic
    • Over in LearningBuilder’s Organization Filter, we’ve made a few tweaks to the color scheme for consistency.
    • We’ve also updated all the buttons within LearningBuilder to a new “flat style.”

  • Enhancements:
    • With this release, the Address Attribute configuration screen now links to App Config area when a user is able to enable the configuration. The Address Attribute collects a user-entered address as a single data field, eliminating the need to configure multiple, independent fields for street/city/state/etc. 
    • Admins can now access MemberRoleId values through the LearningBuilder UI by hovering their mouse cursor over a Member Role, which can be helpful for streamlining advanced configurations.

  • Integration:
    Attention, licensing organizations of Alabama: LearningBuilder now supports integration with the Alabama Interactive payment gateway for payment processing.

  • Bug Fixes