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LearningBuilder 10.10: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 10.10 – November 2021


New Major Feature:

  • Roles can now be assigned an explicit priority that controls how they show on the Pathways page and in dropdowns. This feature helps identify the relative importance between Roles.


  • The LearningBuilder 10 Experience now fully supports the Reflective Practice Exercise module. Admins can now create interactive exercises that assess learner qualifications in relevant domains.
  • Administrators now have the capability to change the “seed date,” or Unique Identifier Seed, for a Role, which helps minimize conflicts when migrating legacy data into LearningBuilder.
  • In order to better accommodate evolving certification programs, both Learning Plans and Competency Models can now be moved to a new Credential/Discipline. For example, if a new credential is created for an existing application pathway, an admin can now easily configure those changes without the need to create a support ticket.


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