Release 10.10.0 – November 2021

    • New Major Feature
      Roles can also now be assigned an explicit priority that controls how they show on the Pathways page and in dropdowns. This feature helps identify the relative importance between Roles.
    • Enhancements:
        • The LearningBuilder 10 Experience (NGLP) now fully supports the Reflective Practice Exercise module. Admins can now create interactive exercises that assess learner qualifications in relevant domains.
        • Administrators now have the capability to change the “seed date,” or Unique Identifier Seed, for a Role, which helps minimize conflicts when migrating legacy data into LearningBuilder.

        • In order to better accommodate evolving certification programs, both Learning Plans and Competency Models can now be moved to a new Credential/Discipline. For example, if a new credential is created for an existing application pathway, an admin can now easily configure those changes without the need to create a support ticket.