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LearningBuilder 10.0: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 10.0 – November 2019


  • Introduced the first production-ready MVP for the “Next-Gen Learning Plan”, which allows the Learning Plan page to be rendered with a much more modern UI, and with much improved performance.

New Feature: 

  • Assessment Forms allow multiple versions of an assessment to be defined and delivered


  • Activity Type Actions can be conditionally available based on a Comparison Rule. This makes it easier to support “sessions” of an existing course by allowing them to be renewed or copied only when they are in a “Published” state.
  • Added Voucher support for Payflow Pro
  • Email Queue is managed via the Queue Processor, rather than a “heartbeat” task


  • Major improvements relating to Accessibility; LearningBuilder is now much more accessible to users that are colorblind, rely on keyboard navigation, or depend on assistive technologies to use a browser.
  • ARIA compliant data input forms and markup
  • Site Map
  • Stability Improvement: Added unique index to LEARNING_PLAN_INSTANCE to protect against duplicate Learning Plan Instances being created

Bug Fixes

Release 10.0.1 – December 2019


  • Administrators can render a Learning Plan in legacy mode after switching to v3 rendering mode using /LegacyLP
  • LB10 Mode: Removed the ClickOnce loading indicator when accessing a Learning Plan
  • LB10 Mode: Implemented the Shared Tasks
  • LB10 Mode: Implemented Task Groups that are conditionally locked based on a Comparison Rule
  • LB10 Mode: Implemented Task Groups that are conditionally locked based on the Complete Learning Plan workflow step
  • Performance improvements when accessing the v3 Rendering Mode

Release 10.0.2 – December 2019


  • LB10 Mode: Task Groups can be conditionally hidden or locked based upon the completion status of other Groups
  • LB10 Mode: Support the “Lock Application for Practitioner when on this step” setting

Release 10.0.3 – January 2020


  • Sys Admins can configure settings used by Integration Hub
  • LB10 Mode: Support the inline “edit mode” for making content changes
  • LB10 Mode: NGLP Task Groups display a “locked” icon separate from the primary disposition when locked
  • LB10 Mode: Support the custom Sort Order for Task Group Activity Display
  • LB10 Mode: Administrators can choose to hide the LP summary and WF button section at the bottom of the page
  • LB10 Mode: Performance improvements to reduce the number of API calls that are made (tentative)

Release 10.0.6 – February 2020

Bug Fixes

Release 10.0.7 – February 2020


  • LB10 Mode: Added support for configurable sort order for Activities in a Task Group

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