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LearningBuilder 9.10: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 9.10 – October 2019

  • Major Improvement: Completed the Activity Offerings feature, which is the basis for the Exam Scheduling use case
    • Includes:
      • Providers can manage Offerings
      • Activity Filter attribute
      • Automatic assignment of Seat Assignments
      • Activity Offering search framework
  • Enhancement: Custom List Items can have a custom Label value
  • Enhancement: Activity Definitions can be “published” while they still have an Incomplete workflow instance
  • Enhancement: Member and Activity Instance search were merged into a new Workflow Object Search framework, which was then used for Offerings
  • Enhancement: PayflowPro Hosted Pages mode uses Silent Post to prevent orphaned transactions
  • Enhancement: System ensures that all Organizations are listed as their own “Staff” member
  • Enhancement: Improved performance when checking for an Appealed Learning Plan Instance
  • Enhancement: Allow Workflow Overview Card on Izenda Reports. Allows a Report to contain an element that launches the Overview, which can be used to “drill in” to an element on the report.
  • Sys Admin Feature: “Warm-Up System” utility
  • Sys Admin Feature: Improved control over whether the Fixed Width layout is applied, and which pages it is applied to
  • Infrastructure: Upgraded ABCpdf to support AWS / Windows Server 2016

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