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LearningBuilder 10.1: Release Notes

by | Product Features and Releases

Release 10.1.0 – February 2020

New Feature:

  • Administrators can Merge Accounts
  • Notifications can be sent, and Member Statuses automatically updated, when a supervisory relationship is severed within the Responsible Party area
  • Task Group Activity Search can exclude Activity Instances that appear on previous Learning Plan Instances (supports scenarios where Practitioners cannot record the same learning activity across multiple applications)
  • Template Attributes can access the current environment (DEV, PROD, etc)
  • The list of database views exposed to the Report Designer is now configurable via App Config, so views intended for internal use only are now hidden from the list. This significantly improves the usability of the report designer.
  • Report Definitions can be exported to/imported from XML


  • The login page can be styled with full-screen background images
  • Improved performance of the Payment History page when there are a large number of transaction records


  • Closed final remaining Accessibility gaps left over from 10.0.0

Mobile Device:

  • Learning Plan List page is included in 3rd level navigation for Practitioners
  • Learning Plan List page collapses panels by default on mobile device

Supported Browsers:

  • Tweaked default browser support rules so that we WARN on IE11, REJECT IE10 and older, and that’s it. All version-sniffing for evergreen browsers (Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) has been removed; the risk of false-positive matches (which would block or warn a user with a browser that might actually work fine) outweighs the likelihood that users have very old versions of those browsers installed AND are unaware of it.


  • SysAdmins can now configure generic name/value setting pairs in App Config, which can be read by the Integration Hub. Allows for custom integrations to be configured using the main LearningBuilder system.

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