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LearningBuilder Release 9.6

by | Product Features and Releases

Our newest enhancements driven by our community of best practices.

Our Product Team is constantly improving LearningBuilder. With each new release comes new features, enhancements, and improvements to LearningBuilder’s underlying architecture. Here are some of the key features you can take advantage of in LearningBuilder 9.6.

Improvements to the Assessment Engine:

Timed Assessments: Looking to add a bit of rigor to a low-stakes exam? You can now add time limits to each question to for rapid response competencies.
Mobile Experience: You can now rest assured that test takers can complete their tests on their mobile devices – great for encouraging people to learn in those otherwise wasted moments.

Longitudinal Assessments: You’ve heard the buzz from the medical boards. Now you can implement them in LearningBuilder! Deliver assessments over time, provide immediate feedback, incorporate feedback into a Learning Plan. You supply the items, we make sure to incorporate them into the Recertification pathway.

Email Automation Enhancements

Do you handle different kinds of inquiries differently? Our newest enhancement to the Email Automation feature allows you to specify a “From” and “Reply To” e-mail address for each communication. That means if you have one e-mail address for managing initial certification and another for recertification, you can keep those communications separate.

Improvements to the Multitenancy Framework

For those of you running multiple organizations in LearningBuilder, you can now specify different “From” and “Reply To” addresses for each of your tenants.

Contact your Implementation Analyst today for more information on how you can take advantage of these new features!

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