LearningBuilder 9.1: Release Notes

Release 9.1 – March 2018

  • Improved Load Time of Learning Plan page
  • Responsive Design of Learning Plan Queues
  • API Improvements
    • Created API to expose Configurable oData allowing external system query almost any data in LearningBuilder
    • Created new API Key area for users to create API keys allowing them access to approved APIs
  • Tightly Integrated Competency Models with Learning Plan Requirements
    • Updated Requirements Rules so they can target Activity Instances classified to specific Competency Areas
    • Updated Competency Classification Data Type to:
      • Include separate Requested and Granted Units
      • Allow Units, Proficiency, and Rational to by optionally hidden, required, and/or renamed
  • Improved support for diacritic characters (note that are still not full supported)
  • Added support for commas in custom list items
  • Added ability to upload supporting documentation to a payment (such as a check image)
  • Added Glossary Terms for First and Last name allowing them to be called Given Name and Surname, respectively
  • Added capability to import and export certain Advanced Application Configuration Settings
  • Resolved issue with Payment Form required State for non-US addresses