Data Migration: Devil is in the… wait, data?

Ali Neal


One of the most critical pieces in selecting a new system is understanding the implications that this decision has on your data. How will your data be organized? How much do you plan to migrate? What can your current data tell you about your program – and equally important, what pieces are you missing?

It is important to view this challenge as an opportunity to close gaps and streamline processes. Now is the time to be strategic in data management to set your organization up for future success.

LearningBuilder is a state-of-the-art credentialing platform that boasts incredible flexibility in managing organizational data. LearningBuilder’s data model stores your information in two ways:

  • Intrinsic Data Attributes: across-the-board properties common to all LearningBuilder instances

  • Extrinsic Data Attributes: elements that are unique to a client’s LearningBuilder implementation

How can you capitalize on the flexibility of LearningBuilder’s data model to ensure success? Our implementation team has a straight-forward, proven approach:

Understand your information.

Our Implementation Analysts are trained to pay special attention to your needs when it comes to migrating data. We work with your team to identify every data source that brings value to your operations, and determine where that should plug in to your implementation.

We also identify any data that requires encryption – we’re talking PII, like social security numbers. It’s important that you feel secure and protected from migration to implementation and far beyond.

Import early.

Your current data is our number one priority, so we like to look at it early on the system migration process. This allows us to use true data as we configure, complete more accurate testing of the configuration, and begin anticipating your reporting requirements.

This also means that the process can be iterative. With actual data in-hand, we can:

  • Make informed choices about whether to support current processes via configuration, or consult on potential new processes;

  • Relax data validation rules due to current issues or incompletion;

  • Choose to leave behind data sets that do not add value; and

  • Identify areas to address prior to launch through User Acceptance Testing.

Update prior to launch.

In an ideal world, the information we are receiving from the retiring system is up-to-date when it is migrated into LearningBuilder. Working through data issues prior to launch allows you to minimize the “down-time” in system migration.

LearningBuilder is a state-of-the-art credentialing management software that is currently leading the certification, accreditation, licensing and continuing education industries.

Learn more about our implementation process or contact our sales team today.

Are you making the most of your system?

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