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LearningBuilder 11.2-11.3: Release Notes

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Release 11.2-11.3 – May 2022

These “innovation line” releases also include all commits from long-term releases 11.0.2-11.0.5.


  • The Add Activity pop-up was resized, making choosing between a list of Activity Types with descriptions easier.
  • The layout of the Admin → Activities → Activity Types page was updated so that the often-used Create Activity and Complete Activity Workflows appear to the left, and the other, less-used settings appear to the right.
  • The “-None-” link that was previously used to create a new Workflow was updated to a “Create” link that more clearly identifies its purpose.
  • We also increased the size of the click target in the Member Role Quick Actions menu. Now, the entire highlighted area is clickable.
  • The Audit and Eligibility Queues now use the new LearningBuilder 10 Experience styles for Workflow Buttons when in a passive or completed state. Similar changes to other administrative queue pages are coming soon.


  • Self-hosted clients with system administrator permissions can now access the enhanced reporting management portal (Izenda 7) directly within LearningBuilder, and do not require the portal to be separately deployed to their environment.
  • The Template Attribute validator now makes failure messages easier to read and understand.
  • We’ve also made troubleshooting configuration of the Pathways page more straightforward by adding a link to the documentation in Admin → Credentials → Credential Summary Templates.
  • Based on client feedback, we’ve added additional permissions requirements to the Communications History page. Detailed email tracking information is now visible only to those users with ViewEmailTrackingStatus permissions. These permissions are granted by default to Roles with the MyAccount :: Access or AdminArea :: AccessMember permissions.


  • We’ve updated LearningBuilder’s Pearson VUE integration. Scores on individual sections of an exam can now be mapped onto your custom-configured data fields.
  • We’ve added the “Send Exam Eligibility to Prolydian” integration. LearningBuilder supports “Test-First” registration via Prolydian. In this model, candidates take their test before they establish an account in LearningBuilder. During the application process, these candidates can then “claim” their exam results.
  • System administrators may now configure dynamic redirect rules for SSO redirects, which is helpful for programs with different login pages for different types of users, i.e. individuals vs. organizations.

Bug Fixes

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