LearningBuilder 10.3: Release Notes

Release 10.3.0 – August 2020

  • Bug Fixes
  • New Major Feature: Course Offering Search
  • New Major Feature: Bulk offering payments
  • Cosmetic: Modal popups now use a blue title, instead of an orange one
  • Cosmetic: Public Activity Search uses a responsive UI
  • Cosmetic: Reorganized the “Admin” navigation menu, moving infrequently used items into 3rd level navigation links
  • Enhancement: Activity Offerings can be managed by Organization Staff
  • Enhancement: Reports can include Activity Offering details
  • Enhancement: Added content blocks to the “Add Activity” and “Add Activity Offering” popups so that additional, client-specific instructions can be configured
  • Integration: Advertise Course Sessions on External Website
  • Integration: Support SSO for Multi-Tenant systems