Organized and systematic: With the right accreditation management software, comprehensive doesn’t have to mean difficult.

Organizational accreditors use LearningBuilder as their go-to platform for organizing standards, gathering supporting evidence, and streamlining the review process. This is all done in one state-of-the-art, paperless credentialing management platform.

LearningBuilder as an accreditation management system not only improves the experience of seeking and maintaining accreditation for organizations, but it also optimizes your staff’s time by automating routine communications, providing guidance to applicants directly within the system, and consolidating accreditation program information.

What makes LearningBuilder unique from other accreditation management platforms?

  • Configure “time oriented” business rules. Our unique visual rules engine allows your organization to manage application and renewal cycles, as well as an exception process, without the heavy lifting of software customization.

  • Create unique workflows. Organizations are not people, and people are not organizations. Each “role” within your accreditation process requires its own pathway and a platform that provides guidance toward completion.

  • Store all of your documents in one place. Accreditation is a complex process that requires a wide variety of documentation to validate against your standards. Having a single place to store all of this information means it is easy for your staff to easily find and evaluate documents or request clarification, and lifts the burden on the practitioners to continuously produce necessary documentation.

  • House supporting content. Deliver eLearning content, reflective practice exercises, or low stakes assessments to your practitioners in the same platform that they are familiar with from their initial application process.

  • Support external stakeholders. Accreditation often involves multiple individuals within an organization, or multiple reviewers of complex standards. Our organizational portal allows you to engage external individuals with an invitation to complete an evaluation or perform even just a single task.

  • Present your data in meaningful ways. LearningBuilder’s powerful reporting engine sets you up for organizational success by providing you with a state-of-the-art toolset to make data-driven decisions.

With LearningBuilder as your accreditation software, you simplify your processes by creating an organized application that assures overall compliance, standard-by-standard. How can we help you?

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