Heuristics knows exactly what goes into maintaining a successful credentialing program. How? Our staff has spent 20 years learning directly from the source – our customers. As a result, our product is constantly improving in response to the needs of our clients. Whether you’re looking to organize complex requirements into a streamlined application, manage continuing education, or ensure continuing competence, our staff are specialists in what you do and are incredibly well-equipped to take on the unique challenges of the credentialing industry.

Our Team


When you partner with Heuristics, you join a community. We are a team of organizations and individuals committed to making credentialing operations easy while maintaining rigor of professional standards. From industry events to online thought leadership, the LearningBuilder team is consistently brainstorming new ways to better your organization. We are both the teachers and students of our clients, eager to learn and teach the latest industry trends and best practices. Our goal is to ensure that we are in a position to help you make the best decisions.



Our clients receive extensive individualized support through their designated Implementation Analyst and the LearningBuilder development team. In addition, we encourage customers to take advantage of additional resources including the LearningBuilder Help Site and LearningBuilder Academy, the annual user group conference. LearningBuilder Academy is a unique opportunity for clients, partners, and the Heuristics team learn from one another and provide input and feedback on the product roadmap.

LearningBuilder Academy