LearningBuilder's new state-of-the-art reporting engine is fast, easy, and integrated into the platform.

Put all of your organization’s data to use and equip your team to make strategic, data-driven decisions – all without the stress of engaging a development team.

LearningBuilder’s reporting engine allows your data to to lend itself to strategic decision-making. Your staff will have all the tools necessary to:

  • Build your own reports: The slick new drag-and-drop report designer and its immediate preview pane allow you to stay organized and find the answers you’re looking for in a snap. For more advanced technical users, you can now include calculated fields without code, extend data sets with advanced SQL, and tailor your data and field views to program-specific language.

  • Make better decisions: Visualize your data using sophisticated charts and graphs to see your data in a new light using interactive filtering. Take advantage of LearningBuilder’s Credential BI Suite for a more comprehensive view of your program and constituents.

  • Access your data in new ways: Transform your data by running advanced reports that reflect data from within LearningBuilder and outside sources (think: your AMS).

  • Access and share your results securely: Set custom visibility rules, export in multiple formats, or schedule report delivery to your email, ensuring your data gets into the hands of those who need to see it.

In addition to LearningBuilder's out-of-the-box set of reports, experienced analysts will work with your team to develop program-specific reports that will make sense out of your system’s data and ensure you are achieving maximum operational efficiency.