LearningBuilder Feature Webinar: Certificate Printing

Despite more recent trends to digitize credentials, the standard “badge” of achievement for attaining a credential is the printed certificate. Even in the age of OpenBadges, there is no substitute for walking into someone’s office and seeing a formal certificate on the wall, or a wallet card presented at the point of service delivery.

In our rush to become digital, we have tended to neglect the burdensome process of distributing printed certificates. Believing that this problem is here for the near future—and perhaps forever—we have implemented sophisticated capabilities in LearningBuilder to reduce the administrative burden of tracking and printing paper certificates.

This webinar shows how administrators can structure a license print process that:

• Accommodates multiple formats, such as wallet cards and wall certificates;
• Automates triggers for initiating certificate printing;
• Tracks the status of print jobs; and
• Streamlines requests for reprint.

Printing certificates may not be the snazziest of features, but it might just reduce enough manual labor and frustration to let you turn to more satisfying and aspirational ways to satisfy your constituents.

Join us for a webinar to see just how easy even a complex printing process can be using LearningBuilder’s Certificate Print feature!

In this webinar, you will learn:

• How LearningBuilder manages multiple templates;
• How administrators can organize queues for different kinds of print events;
• How to use workflow triggers to send print requests to queue;
• How to monitor print progress; and
• How to re-submit a print request.